Loren Kellen Memorial Fund

from Yiscah Bracha

In mid-October 2009, as plans were coming together for Loren's November 8 memorial service at the Cedar Cultural Center, I opened a bank account with the name Loren Kellen Memorial Fund, to pay bills associated with the service, and to receive contributions to help with its costs.  Direct expenses for the service totaled $2075; financial contributions totaled $3993; by December 31, 2009, $1918 remained in the fund.  (Expenses would have been much higher had there not been so many contributions from all the participants that made it happen).

On January 6, 2010, I wrote two checks for $850 from the fund - one for Heart of the Beast, and the other for Bare Bones.  I requested that each organization accept the contribution as seed money, to be used to institutionalize the annual MayDay Parade and Ceremony, and the annual Halloween Show. Loren and I had spoken many times of the need to create mechanisms to ensure that these extravagant events would endure beyond the lifetimes of their founders and initial contributors.  His untimely death seemed to me to be the occasion to initiate that process.

For administrative purposes, the initial account will remain open until both HOBT and Bare Bones are able to establish Loren Kellen Memorial Funds of their own.  Those wishing to help preserve the annual May Day Parade, and/or the annual Halloween Show, can contribute to the fund established here until HOBT and BB are ready to accept donations directly.

Please send contributions to:

Loren Kellen Memorial Fund
PO Box 6045
Minneapolis, MN  55406

You can also donate online (goes to a PayPal account).

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