Thinking of Loren by Anita White

Thinking of Loren by Anita White

-poem by Anita White

Yes, that’s how it was….
…………for Loren…….

in the days
that followed
Loren Kellen’s death

the sky
just couldn’t stop crying
and either could we

as we reached
as hard as we could
to hold onto
Loren’s spirit,
which now drifted
high above the Mississippi
going north and south
to his beloved
inlets and streams.

yes, that’s how it was
those days after Loren died.
…..the sky……..
…hugging the earth so close…
and we hugging each other….
circling in a flotilla of canoes
on a lake
just knowing what to do

somehow releasing Loren
in that moment

and yet
holding him close.
Loren’s enormous vision and                 spirit
filling us…….

yes, that’s how it was………

in the upper sky
The Sun King
crossed the Great Heavens
with his flotilla of paddlers,
paddling with oars
crafted by him.
they reach   the

where The Tree of Life  opens           its arms wide
to embrace him.

and there we were
one by one
opening the gate
to his shrouded dwelling

passing through his sacred arrangements
of masks, puppets, pieces, dolls, parts, pots,paraphernalia,
this and that
and more.

once you opened the gate
you could feel him there.

and oh, the mournful vigil in his house
with a candle burning
and the stories going round

and  the sky kept crying and crying for Loren
the whole time.

yes, that’s how it was.

as the alchemy of shock
turned to disbelief
remembering the Sun King
the wild guy
the gentle soul
ever creative
and          spontaneous!!

the sky cried and cried
for a long time

as the earth
pulled back into itself

and darkness fell early.

Anita White October, 2009.

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