Video by Doug Cain

This is one of my earlier projects. A collaboration with Loren which kept us linked over four seasons. It premiered at his birthday party along Jamaca Rd. near Withrow. This followed our participation in “The Circle of Water Circus” – which brought us together in Alma, WI. at the Tell Store – watching fireflies in the valley at night, then from Brainerd to St. Louis, MO. We shared the awe of the Great Cahokia Mound with a rainbow – then saw the remaining giant chains of the Mason Dixon line which once stretched across the Mississippi in Kentucky. Later on we traveled with Jim Ouray to Trinidad and Tobago. I remember watching a huge flock of scarlet ibis fly in at dusk to roost in a giant mangrove swamp with Loren just outside Port of Spain. That was an early indication of what was to come regarding Loren’s fascination with flight and the color red. He was an airplane mechanic in Vietnam but didn’t talk much of it with me. He was a deeply principled man with a heart of gold. So very creative and caring as well. He lived life to the max – dancing, hugging, listening, building, and playing – hard ! Loren is a great friend – for so many – and I’m personally proud to call him that – from my heart.

Doug Cain

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